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2019-01-21 14:51:03


Les Fauves 野兽派形色
从事精品订制与丰富旅行经验,培养业主对于质料、色彩与美感的细致敏锐。「色与料」成为空间姿态及质感的谬思,醒目蓝绿色冲击成的室内基调,以铜金线条交织勾勒成,一幅宛如Matisse《The Dance II》绘画构图。非协调的蓝绿冷调,随橙橘暖调进行画面串联,一如野兽派般奔放夺目的个性品味。
The residence owner, who has engaged in the boutique business and possessed of extensive traveling experience, cultivates her taste in aesthetic. With her refined sense in texture and colour, designers selected delicate pigments and materials, and turned these design elements into creative muse. Composing of blue, green and gold copper colour, the visional motif is contrasting but harmonious. As if Henri Matisse’s famous painting “The Dance II”, with orange colour blending in discordant blue and green pigments, reveals a vibrant art style which called Les Fauves.
The wood grain wall was painted as green as grass, going well with indigo cabinets and gold copper lines. To convert different materials into different rhythm, designers used leather, stone, and punched-plate mesh, and etc. And dividing interior space into open-plan living space and private area with a gold screen, which is shin but limpid as lace curtain, stands in the center. The cozy arrangement for furniture reveals Italian-style décor by an unregulated lay out, being full of implicit, harmonious and contrastive sense in this chiaroscuro space.
With exposed ceiling line pipes to increase loft living style. Designers chose various imitational materials like terrazzo floor, cement mortar paint and veneer to imitate primitive texture from balcony to indoor. In addition, designers used ashlar and grain table to reinforce natural aesthetic, neutralizing artificial Italian décor style.

设计师: Nic Lee
Nic Lee水相设计总监成立于2008年的水相设计跨足室内与建筑领域,秉持设计应如『水』的初衷,纯净、有机又多变,本质上保持其原有的简洁性 更多>>
Nic Lee - 案例