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AFFD设计事务所由高级室内建筑师高志强创立于中国北京,是一家集规划建筑设计、生态景观设计、人文室内设计和软装设计为一体的设计管理公司。脱胎于中国建筑设计集团筑邦设计院,由实践经验丰富、立足国际视野的建筑设计师、工程师领衔组成。AFFD设计事务所致力于在都市繁杂冗余的状态中寻找突破和灵感,提供同时具有时代精神和现代东方气质的设计解决方案,在高端住宅、产业办公、商业设计、康养地产领域取得卓越成绩。2021年AFFD设计事务所荣获2021 ITALY IIDA AWARD|TOP10国际影响力设计机构。
Founded in Beijing, China by the class-level indoor architect Steve Gao, AFFD Design is a design management company integrating planning and architectural design, ecological landscape design, human interior design, and soft decoration design. Born out of the China Architecture Design Group Zhubang Design Institute, it is composed of architects and engineers with rich practical experience and international perspective. AFFD Design Firm is committed to finding breakthroughs and inspirations in the complex and redundant state of the city, providing design solutions that combine the spirit of the times with the modern oriental temperament, and achieves excellent results in the fields of residences, industrial offices, commercial design, and recreation real estate.
Representative cases include Baidu International Building, CCB Research Institute, Tongrentang, and Kangyang Experience Center, QIONGYOU Network Office, Wang Xiaofei Private Residence, Zhanglan Private Residence and so on. AFFD Design Firm adheres to the concept of design creation value, creates a beautiful lifestyle for customers, builds a design quality living experience and media space, and is committed to providing customers with rigorous professional, modern and efficient all-around system services to achieve social responsibility.
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