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2019-06-28 11:17:56


project name:
Project area: 1,500 square meters
项目地点:中国 福州
Project Location: Fuzhou, China
The project is located next to the Minjiang River in Rongcheng City, which was the great work of Rongqiao Group in the early years. Taking the ideal of a city, creating the landmark of Fuzhou, Rongqiao Group gives this city variable style and the status of the center is self-evident
In this soft outfit design, deconstructed pop and culture, broke through the formal style and re-examined the art and life of the furnishings with the understanding and attitude of humanity in self-consciousness.
The design makes people feeling stable from the balance of control. The hard outfit design is clean and bright, while the soft outfit design implements the principle of modern minimalism. The whole space seeks conflict in coordination and obtains distinct complementarity balance in subtle contrast. The modified tone in space gives people visual experience induced by color. These colors harmonious but different. Neutral gray, as the intermediate color of the transition, is unbiased, so that other colors present the most essential appearance set against by other colors. Everything comes naturally.
The beauty of minimalist form, the wood of natural texture and the simple color change create the sharp outline. The pure material becomes the aesthetic carrier of the space, with beautiful and elegant.
 Combined with dynamic and fixed visually, beautiful, advanced color and texture with gentle and delicate create fashion, bringing a different playful atmosphere, which symbolizes the pure and innocent vitality of the child. Taking the gentle and mellow Mocha brown as the main tone, combined with the unique application of abstract elements make new ideas, different from the ordinary stereotypes, to infiltrate art into life, with charming beauty of tipsy.
The bedroom shows sense of quality with low-pitched. The blue is a dotted color throughout the whole space, dark or light, and the natural atmosphere is just flowing like a clear spring.
The whole space forms rhythms through hierarchical division, intertwined with the rhythm of light and shadow. We look for the resonance between representational things and abstract emotions, and turn to the deep heart, which is the introspection on spirit, with elegant and calm.